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Getting Started with React Redux

React Redux is the official React UI bindings layer for Redux. It lets your React components read data from a Redux store, and dispatch actions to the store to update state.


React Redux 7.1+ requires React 16.8.3 or later, in order to make use of React Hooks.

Using Create React App#

The recommended way to start new apps with React and Redux is by using the official Redux+JS template or Redux+TS template for Create React App, which takes advantage of Redux Toolkit and React Redux's integration with React components.

# Redux + Plain JS templatenpx create-react-app my-app --template redux
# Redux + TypeScript templatenpx create-react-app my-app --template redux-typescript

An Existing React App#

To use React Redux with your React app, install it as a dependency:

# If you use npm:npm install react-redux
# Or if you use Yarn:yarn add react-redux

You'll also need to install Redux and set up a Redux store in your app.

If you are using TypeScript, the React Redux types are maintained separately in DefinitelyTyped, but included as a dependency of the react-redux package, so they should be installed automatically. If you still need to install them manually, run:

npm install @types/react-redux

API Overview#


React Redux includes a <Provider /> component, which makes the Redux store available to the rest of your app:

import React from 'react'import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
import { Provider } from 'react-redux'import store from './store'
import App from './App'
const rootElement = document.getElementById('root')ReactDOM.render(  <Provider store={store}>    <App />  </Provider>,  rootElement)


React Redux provides a pair of custom React hooks that allow your React components to interact with the Redux store.

useSelector reads a value from the store state and subscribes to updates, while useDispatch returns the store's dispatch method to let you dispatch actions.

import React from 'react'import { useSelector, useDispatch } from 'react-redux'import {  decrement,  increment,  incrementByAmount,  incrementAsync,  selectCount,} from './counterSlice'import styles from './Counter.module.css'
export function Counter() {  const count = useSelector(selectCount)  const dispatch = useDispatch()
  return (    <div>      <div className={styles.row}>        <button          className={styles.button}          aria-label="Increment value"          onClick={() => dispatch(increment())}        >          +        </button>        <span className={styles.value}>{count}</span>        <button          className={styles.button}          aria-label="Decrement value"          onClick={() => dispatch(decrement())}        >          -        </button>      </div>      {/* omit additional rendering output here */}    </div>  )}

Learning React Redux#

Learn Modern Redux Livestream#

Redux maintainer Mark Erikson appeared on the "Learn with Jason" show to explain how we recommend using Redux today. The show includes a live-coded example app that shows how to use Redux Toolkit and React-Redux hooks with Typescript, as well as the new RTK Query data fetching APIs.

See the "Learn Modern Redux" show notes page for a transcript and links to the example app source.

Help and Discussion#

The #redux channel of the Reactiflux Discord community is our official resource for all questions related to learning and using Redux. Reactiflux is a great place to hang out, ask questions, and learn - come join us!

You can also ask questions on Stack Overflow using the #redux tag.

Docs Translations#